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Welcome to our English site.Marriot Marquis has been supporting customer's car life for 20 years or more since it had been established.The handling model is various from the imported automobile to the domestic car.The maintenance factory of the BOSCH group joining is established as an annex next to the headquarters office. Not only when your car is deliverd but also after delivering,the factory maintains it.We will gladly assist your car life totally in Japan.Please feel free to contact us.

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order system
magagines and internet advertisement

Please consult us about the car of your hope. Model, color, and age type, etc.

We will look for the car of your hope from all over the Japan. A professional of the assessment introduces the vehicle which selected carefully.

If you are interested in our order system, please feel free to contact us.

consignment magagines and internet advertisement

It is free of charge to take photos of your car and introduce them on Internet advertisement and in a magazine.

you can keep riding on your car until we find the purchaser.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.